Campaign for Wool

New Zealand

Live Naturally and Choose Wool


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The incredible properties of wool have all but been forgotten in today’s world.

Thankfully, the versatility of wool and its potential in architecture, interior design, carpet and modern fashion is entering back into the conversation. Here in New Zealand – and around the globe – The Campaign for Wool is reintroducing this proven wonder fibre to a new generation.

Help us spread the word!  Learn learn about the Campaign for Wool, educate yourself about the unique properties of wool, join us for wool events, purchase wool products and post your support. As a business, you can join artisans, manufacturers, designers, retailers around the country by becoming a Brand Partner.

And of course, next time you purchase carpet, a garment, soft furnishings, bedding or insulation for your home – choose wool.

 Hear a word from Prince Charles, Campaign for Wool Patron