Where to Buy New Zealand Wool Products

June 5th, 2013

New Zealand Wool. A coveted product to behold.

We frequently receive requests from individuals who want to know where they can purchase NZ Wool products. Throughout the month of May, Campaign for Wool New Zealand social media collected and shared the names, links and products of many New Zealand Wool retailers around the country.

The following list is a list of our brand partners, all committed to using and sharing the good news about wool. Most use NZ wool but others do use our favourite fibre or a combination from our global partners. Here you will find Wool Clothing and Fashion, Wool Clothing and Fashion for Children, Wool Carpets and Rugs, Wool Arts and Wool in Architecture and Interior and Design.

If you are interested in becoming a brand partner and joining this list, please feel free to contact us or sign up here: Get Involved

Wool Clothing and Fashion

Wool Clothing and Fashion for Children

Wool Rugs and Carpets


Wool Arts (Spinning, Weaving, Felting, Knitting, Crocheting)

Wool in Architecture and Interior Design

Blankets and Bedding

Wool for Animals

Insulation – Read More about Wool Insulation

Wool Supporters

  • Agrodome (2011) Partnership Ltd    Wool tourism pieces
  • VIP Beds for Pets         Wool pet beds   
  • Sunfish Sales     Wool Sports Apparel

Additional Non-Brand Partner Wool Retailers in NZ: Icebreaker – Wool clothing, Cruella’s Natural Fibre Boutique – Yarn and other Natural Fibres

Are we missing a you or a key brand partner? We want to correct this as soon as possible. Please email trista@campaignforwool.co.nz. Thank you for your support!